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Social media marketing can be a challenging landscape to navigate. Too many businesses find themselves paying for marketing campaigns that never produce. We bring a fresh approach to digital marketing. It starts with care.

It’s time you start demanding more from your marketing. Social Connection will help you turn impact into real results with campaigns and strategies that really work. Don’t leave it to chance anymore. Experience the difference that innovation, creativity, and proven strategies can make for your business. Social Connection is where real impact starts.

Social media can feel daunting, confusing, and ultimately frustrating for many small business owners. Add in the difficulties of running the day to day operations, and many times this highly valuable digital marketing avenue gets swept under the rug. We understand the importance of building a brand online in order to grow your business and get results.

Advertising and contributing to social networking sites allows your business the opportunity for very select niche communication. It is a great place for you to test your marketing messages among a self-selected audience who have identified themselves as being interested in the product or service you have to offer.

Melbourne Website Consultant provides social media set-up, consultation, and management. We can design your social pages to match your current branding and set-up all the business listing information, add photos, content, and a link back to your website.

"Did You Know?"

Social Media “Signals” are an important metric in Google’s SEO Ranking Algorithm. These signals include metrics such as likes, shares, comments, and links.

Market Research

We take a holistic look at your competitive landscape, industry trends, and target audience. We conduct market research to understand your brand’s potential and make informed decisions.


You’re the expert in your business, but we’re the digital marketing masters. We work with brands to outline their objectives and set short and long-term goals.


With research, data, and a human-first approach, we develop multi-channel marketing strategies with your primary goals and objectives mind.


From messaging to creative assets, and everything in between, we execute your strategy to connect your brand to the people who matter the most to it.


Digital is constantly evolving. That’s why we take an agile approach to digital marketing - adjusting our digital marketing strategy, optimizing campaigns, and implementing new findings to improve your ROI.

What’s included in our social media packages?

Depending on your requirements, our custom social media packages may include the following services.

High quality postings

We will create the postings based on the content you have on your website and from related websites with the purpose of generating social media shares and interactions.

Finding new targeted followers

We will discuss your business objectives and adjust our social media campaigns to be aligned with your goals. We don’t just try to increase your followers but we aim in finding new followers that matter and add value to your business.

Conversion Tracking Setup

To evaluate the success of any campaign it is important to measure the right metrics and our first step is to make sure that we can correctly and accurately track the performance of your ads.

Business Page Optimization

Before running any paid Social Media campaigns, we will optimize your business pages based on the best standards and practices.

Spam monitoring

There are a lot of spammers in social media and we will ensure that these stay away from your pages and accounts.

Social Media Competitor Analysis

We will perform a detailed analysis of how your competitors are using social media marketing.

Monthly progress report

At the end of each month, you will get a progress report with all the details concerning your campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally, we will recommend Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for social media marketing. But LinkedIn and Pinterest are also available to choose.

There are no additional or hidden costs.

We make posts related to your business industry. For example, if you are a family lawyer, we will make some posts related to family law cases. If you are a travel agency, posts will centre around travel.

It comes from our research. Some of the content comes from the news, some directly from the client, their website, or blogs, and some content is created by ourselves.

Of course, you can make posts at any-time and as many posts as you want. We will still make helpful posts on your profile(s), in addition to any posts you make (unless requested otherwise).

In the unlikely event that this occurs, you can always delete any posts/content made by us as you still have total control over the accounts. To do so, log in to your profile and press edit/delete the post.

To start your campaign, we need you to add us as a manager to your social media account/page. For Twitter and Instagram, we need your details (login & password). If you don’t have any social media networks, let us know, and we will set them up for you.